The Velveteens - Santa Cruz Live


Sherry’s compositions and the cover tunes she chooses show off the pure, clean fun of her warm voice. She rightfully calls her songs pure Americana. They are diverse in genre and content. Classic folk, country-folk, folk-rock, and the standard ballad are delivered with equal mastery. There’s no screaming, shouting, reaching or stretching out of shape in these vocals. Sherry sings right where it’s comfortable, truly engaging listeners with her combination of easy crystal clarity and powerful message. It’s the American girl for sure who writes songs about Maxfield Parrish, California highways, vintage Mustangs, and demanding truth from her lying government. This writer’s lyrical skills flow and shine naturally like her long silver locks. The balance, rhyme and cadence of her poetry come not from years of formal study, but from the open door she’s given her spirit.

Mary McCaslin represents an unbroken link between traditional folksingers and today's "new folk" singer-songwriters. Her music ranges from ballads of the old west to her own songs of the new west and modern times. Regarded as a pioneer of open guitar tunings, and known for her distinctive vocal style, Mary's influences can be heard in many younger folk performers.

Sharon Allen loves to sing. And people love to hear her song. She possesses a beautiful, unaffected voice that is gentle and sweet on the ear.  Sharon Allen is a beautiful, gentle woman with an unassuming way and a passion for music that rings true. Her new album, "Along The Way", captures this essence with her heartfelt vocals backed by a swinging band including Jimmy Norris (producer) and Sherry Austin with guest appearances from Bob Brozman and Mary McCaslin.


After releasing her first album and receiving widespread acclaim in Canada, Ginny Mitchell decided to bring her talent to California in 1991. Her music can best be described as a "rootsy" mix of Americana and country. An accomplished singer, writer and instrumentalist, Ginny began singing at age 4 and playing guitar at 12. First-time listeners and longtime fans alike are drawn in by her honest and soulful delivery, which has been compared to Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Linda Ronstadt , Roseanne Cash and the great Patsy Cline.

Friends and Guests

TRACY PARKER - Bass, Vocals, Guitar

PATTI MAXINE - Steel Guitar

JIM NORRIS - Drums, Percussion

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